Age on sexual readiness is 175 months

Age on sexual readiness is 175 months

PANTSIREV (Pantsirevskaya)

This reproduce is made throughout the 1947-61 within Pantsirev reproduction county farm in the Volga town from the crossing Light Leghorns, Rhode Area Reds, The brand new Hampshires, Black Australorps and you can Light Plymouth Rocks. The idea were to perform a local breed of twin-objective sorts of with a high eggs and chicken creation.

In the 1st stage Leghorn hens have been mated so you can Rhode Area and The fresh new Hampshire cocks. An additional category Rhode Area hens were mated having The fresh Hampshire cocks. During the 1948 new crossbred hens were mated in order to Brand new Hampshire, Rhode Area otherwise Leghorn cocks. After 1951 the 3-ways crosses was in fact bred inter se having group of hens which got white or black plumage and you will a top egg design.

Inside 1954 Black Australorp dicks were mated towards black hens on the crossbred people therefore the white hens was mated with Light Plymouth Rocks. After that reproduction works was led so you’re able to broadening growth rate.

Pantsirev birds used to be widely bequeath on Volga area. He’s fabled for the flexibility to help you regional criteria. Into the 1974 new inventory numbered 278 000 but because of the 1980 it choose to go down to twenty two 100. Reduced twin-purpose manufacturing appeared as if the main reason because of it fall off.

Pantsirev black colored hens useful for beef and you can eggs development enjoys a beneficial strong and you will large system, red-and-white ear-lobes and you can a single brush. Shanks try black colored-and-white. Cocks normally have several white feathers close saddle and tail.

The fresh new real time weight of the 8-week-dated birds is 0.91 kilogram; that adult hens is actually 2.cuatro and of cocks 3.dos kg. The average yearly production was 180 eggs regarding 57 g. Egg-shell was solution-coloured. Fertility out-of egg are 95% and you may hatchability 85%. Success rate of young are 86%.

The populace out of Pantsirev hens with light plumage is for eggs and you may beef design. He’s a tiny direct which have a single comb and you may lightweight looks. Ear-lobes are red-and-light.

The new live pounds away from 8-week-old birds is actually 0.93 kilogram; that adult hens dos.5 as well as cocks 3.0 kg. Ages in the sexual readiness are 170 months. The common yearly creation try 190 egg regarding 58 g. Egg shell was light ointment. Fertility out of eggs was 95% and you may hatchability is actually 80%. Endurance price of the more youthful try 95% as well as adults 96%.

PERVOMAI (Pervomaiskaya)

This breed was made within Pervomai county ranch in the Ukraine (1935-41) as well as Pachelma state ranch during the Penza part (1942-63) out-of a beneficial about three-reproduce mix.

White Wyandotte cocks had been mated having Rhode Isle hens and an excellent crossbred manhood is picked which had been mated that have Yurlov hens. About three contours was indeed designed of the breeding the three-breed crosses inter se having fun with half-sib mating.

While in the World war ii the populace decreased so you’re able to 48 hens and you will six dicks; the fresh nucleus inventory provided merely 10 hens and cuatro dicks. During the 1947 the new Pervomai population risen up to 180 as well as in 1948 to 670 wild birds. Line possibilities was then left behind of the bad effectation of inbreeding into the viability, hatchability and you can eggs development. Area of the breeding steps turned higher-measure crossing regarding traces and you can infusion of fresh blood of men off their facilities. The season 1956 marked the fresh resumption off line options, breeding boys becoming examined into rate of growth of the girls and boys. From the 1962 the population of your Pervomai reproduce reached 56 100000 lead.

Inside whole ages of breed development, solutions are achieved getting higher rate of growth, higher eggs manufacturing and you can very early readiness. Yearly creation of hens enhanced away from 135 to help you 195 eggs, consider 56-57 grams. Hatchability enhanced out-of 66 in order to 78%. Eggs production of winners attained 256-270 egg.

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A portion of the drawback on the reproduce is just too reduced a launch and you may failure to help you compete with modern extremely authoritative egg-beef outlines. For that reason the people away from Pervomai birds started initially to get rid of sharply as well as in 1975-80 they designated simply 2100-2500 lead.

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